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    Get Complete Repair Solution For Your AC

    Our technicians can diagnose the problem quickly and get it resolved efficiently.

    Split AC service

    Our technicians perform comprehensive maintenance, including cleaning air filters, coils, and drainage systems. We also repair or replace faulty parts for optimal cooling.

    Service Charge: ₹350

    Window aC service

    Our experts thoroughly clean and service window AC units, including checking electrical connections, lubricating moving parts, and ensuring proper installation for maximum cooling.

    Service Charge: ₹350

    aC Gas Filling service

    We refill refrigerant gas levels to the recommended amount, restoring proper cooling capacity and efficient operation of your AC unit.

    Service Charge: ₹1250

    aC Jet Cleaning service

    Our high-pressure jet cleaning removes dirt, dust, and debris buildup from AC components, ensuring efficient airflow and cooling performance.

    Service Charge: ₹850

    Other Air Conditioner Problems?

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    Facing These Issues? Connect With Us

    • AC Taking Too Long to Cool
    • Making Strange Noise, VIbrating
    • Water Leaking from AC
    • AC is Blowing Warm Air
    • AC Turning On & Off
    • Excessive Humidity Issue
    • AC Remote Not Working
    • AC Power Issues
    • AC Air Cooling Too Much
    • Not Evenly Cooling
    • Electric Bill Is Extremely High
    • AC producing excessive humidity