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    Get Complete Repair Solution For Micro Ovens

    Our technicians can diagnose the problem quickly and get it resolved efficiently.

    Microwave not heating

    Our trained technicians diagnose and repair issues with the magnetron, high voltage transformer, and other heating components. We ensure proper heating function through component repair or replacement.

    Service Charge: ₹350

    Microwave arcing

    We thoroughly clean the cavity, waveguide, and replace any damaged components causing arcing. Our comprehensive services ensure your microwave operates safely without arcing.

    Service Charge: ₹350

    Microwave plate not rotating

    Our experts inspect the roller ring, motor assembly, and coupling. We repair or replace these components to restore proper turntable rotation for even heating.

    Service Charge: ₹350

    Microwave strange noises

    We analyze noises to pinpoint issues with the magnetron, diodes, motors, or other components. Our repairs resolve strange noises for quiet operation.

    Service Charge: ₹350

    Other Microwave Problems?

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